Leavers and Putters

There are lots of ways to categorize people - putting them in different pigeon holes. Various tests are used by psychologists to analyze people’s character traits and they are used for a wide variety of applications. An obvious one is job recruitment. It seems easy to define what kind of person you need for a particular role, then screen for the right characteristics before going further. It is not that simple, this is the gist of how many job hires are selected.

The same idea applies to dating - online dating in particular. Many people think that there should be an algorithm to match an “abc” male with an “xyz”  female and thus create happiness. If only it really were that simple …

An interesting way to characterize people is to decide whether they are a “Leaver” or a “Putter”. In this video a comedian explains the concept quite well [look at offset 05:52].

A Putter is someone who puts things in suitable places. They hang keys on hooks, put clothes in drawers, replace books on shelves, etc. etc. A Leaver just leaves items in random places - keys in pockets or on random surfaces, clothes on the floor, books in their bed, etc. etc.

I am not sure how one becomes either a Leaver or Putter, but, as a Putter myself, I think it may be laziness. Being a Leaver is such hard work - always having to search for lost items and dealing with the resulting stress. Life as a Putter is much more comfortable.

The designation says something about successful couples. Surprisingly, the best combination in a relationship is one of each. Two Putters would drive each other mad as their ideas of what is correct and ordered would differ. Two Leavers would probably kill themselves by being just a bit too relaxed with life and getting poisoned or whatever.

As I said, I am basically a Putter. My wife is mainly a Leaver. The result is that the Find My app on my phone gets heavily used. There is evidence that she was a putter in the past. I wonder how and why the change occurred …