12 things in 2121

At the beginning of this year, as I have done in the previous few years, I made a list of things that I wanted to do in the course of the year:
  1. try archery
  2. swim in Cotswold lakes [Coke’s Pit?]
  3. attend a rugby match
  4. do a one-day brewing experience (Hillside Brewery)
  5. participate in a gig
  6. make progress on memoirs - >10,000 words
  7. do at least 2 family interviews for genealogy and memoir 
  8. participate in Malvern Walking Festival - at least 2 walks
  9. rent a camper van
  10. write/publish at least one photography article 
  11. use my new food mixer at least 12 times in the year
  12. set up a wine tasting group
How did I do? Answer: not very well.
My list shows only 3 completed! In a number of cases I can legitimately use the pandemic as an excuse [or reason!], but, to be honest, not all. I think my retirement mindset - exploring a new way of living - has influenced me. Here is the debrief:
  1. Somehow this just didn’t happen. Certainly for a large part of the year, at least, archery clubs were not operating. I have identified a friend who may be able to guide me.
  2. The moment for this one never materialized. The weather was also a factor, as the best weather in this area was right at the beginning of the summer.
  3. Despite a couple of friends being enlisted to help make this happen, it did not. Again the pandemic limited the options.
  4. This was definitely prevented by COVID.
  5. No more music lessons meant that this did not happen.
  6. Miserable failure here, but related good news is that I have started work and made progress on a new book [about some software that I use].
  7. I can blame the pandemic for non-progress on this one.
  8. I blew this one away! I did 6 walks in 6 days and enjoyed it so much that I have done quite a few walks with a local walking group and even led one walk.
  9. Technically, I failed on this one, but it was really superseded by our purchase of a van. So, I will claim success!
  10. No excuse for failing this one.
  11. Another one blown away. Definitely used more than 12 times.
  12. Another pandemic victim, but I have discussed the idea with a few people, so it should happen.
For 2022, I am going to be more realistic and list 6 “things”. Coming soon …